Seats at the Table -

SEATS AT THE TABLE tells the story of a unique college course which teaches Russian literature at a maximum security juvenile correctional center. The class brings together University of Virginia students and incarcerated young adults to read classic novels such as Crime and Punishment, discussing their interpretation as equal participants around the table. As the course progresses, student-to-student interactions become the catalyst for powerful relationships that break down each group's initial stereotypes about their classmates. The class gives inmate students a space to let their guard down, engage in deeper discussions and even share their original poetry. Both groups of students are inspired by the discovery of their shared humanity, and come away empowered to pursue lives of greater purpose. From the producer of World Peace and Other 4th Grade Achievements, this thought-provoking film brings up questions about prison reform, the public perception of inmates, and the importance of positive, formative rehabilitation programs for young adults.

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