Love Wins Over Hate -

LOVE WINS OVER HATE explores the personal transformations of six individuals who went from agents of anger and bigotry to advocates for empathy and inclusivity. In the documentary, former Neo-Nazi Shannon Foley Martinez discusses how easy it was to direct her unprocessed rage and self-hatred from a sexual assault into a movement rooted in hate. Other interviewees include former white supremacists Arno Michaelis, Tim Zaal and Chris Buckley, who speak honestly and openly about the pain they willfully caused others, their changing beliefs, and their ongoing fight for a more compassionate and inclusive world. The documentary also includes conversations with people who have endured the brunt of hateful speech and actions, revealing the depth of pain and damage inflicted on individuals and wider communities. Amidst deep polarization and prevalent incidences of bias-motivated crimes and rhetoric, LOVE WINS OVER HATE shares a message of tolerance and acceptance, and a hopeful portrait of how people can change their motivation from prejudice to an appreciation of the world's diversity.

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