Silents in the Cathedral - Featuring Phantom of the Opera

Acclaimed as the most famous silent feature film of all time, THE PHAMTOM OF THE OPERA returns as the main feature for the 23rd annual "Silents in the Cathedral", which normally takes place at Grace Cathedral in Topeka, KS. During this year of the COVID-19 pandemic, this event was moved to KTWU for broadcast. Phantom was the premiere feature at the very first 'Silents in teh Cathedral' back in 1998 adn returned for 'Silents' #13 in 2010. It has filled the Cathedral each time and is considered the most popular feature. Organist Marvin Faulwell adn percussionist Bob Keckeisen have put together a dazzling music score for this feature and the short films being played ahead of it. You'll be able to see them playing the score 'live' at the Cathedral.

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