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Amen! Music of the Black Church -

Explore the authentic spiritual experience of African American gospel music in the one-hour performance documentary AMEN! MUSIC OF THE BLACK CHURCH. Taped before a live audience at the Second Baptist Church congregation in Bloomington, Indiana, Rev. Dr. Raymond Wise guides viewers on an educational and uplifting learning experience while leading the Indiana University African American Choral Ensemble in a performance of sacred music deriving from African traditions. The unique performances incorporate praise and worship with contemporary influences from secular genres to breathe new life into the music that played a major role in helping African Americans overcome adversity. Much of the African American experience has been encapsulated through the rich Gospel music used to express a wide range of emotions through hundreds of years of marginalization. AMEN! MUSIC OF THE BLACK CHURCH speaks to the optimism and triumph embodied in this musical genre. The film employs meaningful vignettes throughout the performances, narrative interviews with historic highlights, and stylized visuals that give context to the music featured in the program.

Series Website: https://indianapublicmedia.org/amenmusic/

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