Passion Italy - Campania

Experience enticing Naples with a trip off the beaten path and visiting the studios of unique craftsmanship preserved for generations. Anna and her siblings give life to the Nativity scenes' characters using embroidery techniques from the 1700's. In the National Railway Museum visitors are taken back to the mid-19th century. Pasquale's cameos, carved from seashells in a painstakingly miniature form, bear witness to tradition. Alessandra tastes some local pastries and uncovers the secret to making bab? by following Giovanni into his kitchen. An exploration of Campania's culinary gems also includes tasting wine made at the foot of Vesuvius by a young and innovative wine maker accompanied with the famous Pizza Napolitana. Alessandra watches an artisan making a hand-made umbrella, his family's tradition since 1860. A snorkeling tour is part of the visit to the Archeological and Marine Park in La Gaiola.

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