Passion Italy - Molise

Full of wild beauty, captivating traditions, fascinating history, Molise is an undiscovered gem for many tourists. The Marinelli Pontifical Bell Foundry is the oldest family-owned and run manufacturing company in the world, where bells are still handmade as 1,000 years ago. The Italic sanctuary of Pietrabbondante and the archeological site of Atilia Sepino are a plunge into pre-Roman history. Alessandra meets a cheesemaker who follows the family tradition started in 1662 making stretched curd cheeses. Some of the area's most skilled artisans work creating intricate chiseled steel scissors and bagpipes used by a local musician in an innovative way. In the Museum of Costumes, Alessandra gives us insight into the complex regional traditions. Plus, unique frescos preserved in a medieval abbey.

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