Passion Italy - Tuscany

Experience the enticing city at Italy's center and its unique craftsmanship preserved since the Medici era. In Florence, the mosaicist, Renzo Scarpelli, takes Alessandra along the Arno river where he collected the stones used to make marvelous stone "paintings. " The stylist Stefano Ricci saved a fascinating silk factory of the 1700's from oblivion -- among its looms there is one by Leonardo Da Vinci. Palazzo Borghese is full of richness and grandeur. To taste the renowned Cantucci biscuits, Alessandra meets the Lunardi brothers who share their secret recipe with her. Together, they visit local producers, including a Vin Santo wine maker and an old mill. After a stop in Lucca, an architectural wonder also known for its musical tradition, Alessandra learns about the ancient tradition of marble processing with a gifted artisan from the medieval city Pietrasanta.

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