Passion Italy - Sardinia

A paradise of sandy beaches and rocky bays with pure turquoise water, this is the Island of Sardinia, but there is also an endless list of archeological sites and endearing eccentricities to discover. In Cagliari, Alessandra visits the Cathedral, a treasure trove of art and history before meeting a goldsmith who reinterprets the traditional Sardinian jewelry. The "Sound Garden" is an unusual open-air museum where the stones resound. On the attractive island of Sant Antioco, Chiara Vigo weaves with sea silk, collected from seashells. The fascinating history of the town is visible in 12th century catacombs. Saint Peter is famous for the ancient practice of tuna fishing, which left its mark on the island. Inland, Alessandra explores Iglesias and its mining district which features spectacular natural caves and fascinating mining galleries set just above sea level. An old train takes Alessandra and her chaperon Luciano back in time. The spectacular Capo Pecora inspires a lawyer whose passion is to make swimwear.

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