Feel Better with Pressure Point Therapy -

In the first-ever pledge special on Pressure Points Therapy, Dr. Michael Pinkus (D.C.) empowers viewers to take pain relief into their own hands. Over the years, Dr. Pinkus has found a way to make Eastern medicine practices easy to understand and accessible to the layperson. Comparing Asian acupuncture charts to Western nerve charts of the body, Dr. Pinkus cross referenced which nerve pathways were involved with the ancient acupressure points. Where did the nerve travel to? What area of the body did it control or influence? Which organs were influenced by these points and how did this correspond to the nerve pathways in the body? From these observations and many years of hands-on application as a successful Doctor of Chiropractic, he derived this technique which he coined "Pressure Point Therapy." Pressure Point Therapy With Dr. Michael Pinkus (wt) is a lecture format special that will show viewers how they can apply these techniques in their daily lives.

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