The Good Road - Richmond, Virginia: Hidden In Plain Sight

After the killing of George Floyd on May 25, 2020, the city of Richmond, Virginia -- former capital of the Confederacy -- became a focus of international attention. Earl Bridges and Craig Martin speak with influential members of the community who are hoping to bridge the gap of racial inequality and negativity. Dontrese Brown, a young, networked black entrepreneur shared his Hidden in Plain Site project (HiPS) which marries 360 video with historic images to shed light on famous and infamous sights in Richmond. Curator Valerie Oliver at the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts talks about the impact and importance of Kehinde Wiley's iconic statue, "Rumors of War" a hip-hop inspired replica of the J.E.B. Stuart statue, and the renaming of The Boulevard to Arthur Ashe Boulevard. The purpose of these alterations is to set aside old and painful reminders of Richmond's slave past, embracing a positive era of racial reconciliation and hope.

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