Inspire - Policing Sex in the Sunflower State

On this episode of !nspire, we discuss Chapter 205, a law designed to quarantine people for disease. It was primarily enforced against women. In practice, women detained under Chapter 205 spent an average of four months at the Farm. While at the Farm, inmates received treatment for their diseases and were subjected to a plan of moral reform that focused on the value of hard work and the inculcation of middle-class norms for proper feminine behavior. Typically the women that were incarcerated here actually were infected by their partners and husbands, showing the hypocrisy of this law, punishing the women instead of the men. Guests: Nichole Perry, Author "Policing Sex in the Sunflower State" and Kerry Wynn, Assistant Professor of History Washburn University. Hosts: Betty Lou Pardue, Amber Dickinson, Leslie Fleuranges

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