Laura Flanders Show - This New Cooperative Business Model Could Change Everything

Many of the world's most successful businesses began as someone's good idea. But the path from startup to conventional financial success typically involves going public, prioritizing shareholders' interests, and ultimately selling to a giant conglomerate whose intentions are far from the original mission of the business's founders. In this episode, Laura interviews guests who say this conventional path of success is desperately in need of an overhaul. Why must new and innovative ideas come to market through old and undemocratic platforms? What if rather than selling out, successful businesses became community assets that put ownership and governance in the hands of workers and even consumers? Could a startup become a means of building community wealth, economic justice, and accountability over our technology? Our guests explain how. Guests: Pia Mancini, Co-Founder & CEO, Open Collective; Lauren Ruffin, Co-Founder, Crux; Nathan Schneider, Professor of Media Studies, University of Colorado Boulder.

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