Pati's Mexican Table - A Day with Hugo

Chef Hugo Guajardo of El Jonuco is pushing the envelope on norestense cuisine, researching around the state and finding the best ingredients. First, he takes us to where he sources his Carne Seca from the family-owned restaurant El Caminante who has perfected the art of drying meat. Then Pati has lunch at El Jonuco where she tries his spin on local delicacies and continues on to his home where he teaches her his take on charred chicken. In the kitchen recipes: Pollo Rostizado Norteno; Roasted Charred Chicken; Ensalada Verde con Vinagreta de Oregano; Super Greens Green Salad with Oregano vinaigrette; Hojarasca; Sugar and Cinnamon Cookies.

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11.1 3/7 2:00 pm