Curious George - Hundley's Truffle Trouble/George's Flying Disc Debacle

Hundley's Truffle Trouble - Visiting George in the country, Hundley mistakenly eats some rare gourmet truffles the Renkins found on their land, not realizing they were NOT meant for him. Chef Pisghetti and others are crestfallen. No truffle linguini tonight! They enlist Hamilton the pig to hunt for more, but Hamilton is more interested in leading the gang on a wild goose chase. Just when it seems that all hope is lost, it turns out that Hundley is the one with the talented truffle-sniffing snout! George's Flying Disc Debacle - George is fascinated by Bill's flying disc, so Bill shows him his three-step throwing system (patent pending)! On his third try, George really gets it flying ... but so far that it gets lost! Hoping to retrace the disc's path in order to find it again, George tries to throw a number of other objects. But none of them are the right shape to make that same flight. Luckily, The Man with the Yellow Hat's pie is finally out of the oven, and the pie tin is exactly the same

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