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This American Land - Outstanding Waters, Protecting the Texas Coastal Bend, Avoiding Deadly Bird Collisions

Under the Clean Water Act, grass-roots campaigns in New Mexico are urging state authorities to designate the Upper Pecos watershed, Upper Rio Grande, Rio Hondo and Upper Jemez River as Outstanding National Resource Waters deserving special protection. A similar campaign in Colorado succeeded in protecting Hermosa Creek and its entire drainage, the first stretch of water outside a wilderness area or national park to receive the Outstanding Waters designation. Following the catastrophic Deepwater Horizon oil spill in 2010, county authorities face the challenge of safeguarding and restoring the natural habitats of the Texas coast around the petrochemical port of Corpus Christi. In cities like Milwaukee, conservationists urge architects and developers to adopt window designs that deter birds from colliding with tall buildings, especially during migrating seasons.

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11.26/2 12:00 pm