Finding Tyler -

In August 2003, Tyler Johnson was a prized scholar in theoretical physics about to begin his Ph.D. work. Months later, he was living on the island of Corsica as a fugitive wanted by the FBI for eco-terrorism. His family in Michigan was left in shock, only discovering their son had gone missing when the authorities arrived at their doorstep. On the self-proclaimed "island of secrets" in the Mediterranean, Tyler took on a new name and created a new life for himself. He founded an alternative energy company creating solar ovens for remote communities. He learned French. He also became an avid hiker, leaving for weeks at a time to roam the craggy peaks alone. To cope with the loss of his family and life in America, he pushed himself on increasingly difficult hiking expeditions, using physical exertion to suppress his emotional pain. Then, he disappeared. One of the only remnants from his time in Corsica is a journal found near one of the island's highest peaks. This journal was Tyler's lifeline, chronicling his years on the run and serving as the only place where he could retreat. FINDING TYLER uses this journal - Tyler's own words - and interviews with those who knew him best to gain a glimpse into the introspective struggle of life as a fugitive.

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