Wapos Bay - Patients

Talon, T-Bear and Devon are bored and want to go to the beach along the river to swim, but Mushom becomes ill and cannot take them. Uncle Peter decides to help the boys, but they have to collect the fish from the nets first. Raven goes on a girls' summer camp and gets caught up in the gossip about her friend Amber. More and more chores and tasks arise before they can go swimming, which frustrates Talon, T-Bear and Devon. Raven begins to feel uncomfortable when Amber finds out. Things become worse and worse when they try to finally go swimming. Raven must decide who to believe in all the rumors and gossip. The ensuing adventure makes Talon, T-Bear and Devon realize that spending time with Uncle Peter was more enjoyable than if they had just gone swimming.

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11.3 1/17 11:30 am