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Tiga Talk - L Is for Listening

Tiga is not very good at listening - he continually gets distracted while Kimmie tries to read him a story. She gets fed up and decides not to bother. Tiga and Kokum take the bus to visit Jason's pre- school at Lauwel- new, the Tsartlip Band School where they learn about listening and LLL words. After school, Tiga goes to Auntie May's house to see about spinning with sheep's wool and makes pompoms for touques. Back at home Jason drums and sings the butterfly song in Sencoten, and later we see firsthand that Gavin is not good at landing. Tiga is now a much better listener and begs Kimmie to finish the butterfly story, which she does, proving that Tiga has indeed LLL Learned.

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11.34/18 10:00 am