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Pathmakers -

A new education program called Pathmakers is offering makerspace programming for native and non-native youth in grades K-12 throughout Humboldt County. Pathmakers activities will help all students, native and non-native, learn about the history, culture, and technologies of the tribes in the region, from pre-colonization to today. The project team is working with K-12 students, college students, parents, teachers, tribal members, and regional native cultural and education experts to develop the programming. The curriculum will strive to bridge the gap between traditional Native technologies and maker activities using today's technologies. Traditional Native technologies employed sophisticated techniques that are still in use today. One example is the Yurok plank house, which employed many of the same "passive solar" design techniques that are now frequently, and increasingly, used by builders today. The 4-year program was developed by the Blue Lake Rancheria, the Humboldt County Office of Education, and the Northern Humboldt Union High School District.

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