Culture Stories - Indigenous Place Names Movement

This episode features a conversation with cultural leaders and community stakeholders, including, Aaron Leggett, the Chief of the Denaina Eklutna Athabascan people, and the Special Exhibit Curator at the Anchorage Museum. The subject of these conversation is about the Indigenous Place Names Movement, and an event that was taking place on this particular day of unveiling the first place marker reclaiming the Denaina Eklutna Athabaskan original place name of Chanstnu, which for many years prior had been called Westchester Lagoon. A goal of Aaron and others behind this movement is to carry out the rest of this project's vision by reclaiming the original indigenous place names and denoting them with place markers all over the city of anchorage. There are also plans for a digital, oral history walking tour that people can use to explore anchorage and understand its indigenous history. The hope is that the take away is why indigenous place renaming is important, and how it helps community members define their cultural identities today by strengthening their resolve to chart their path forward as an individual connected to their heritage. A goal for the Indigenous Place Names project is for it to be used as a model for other places around the state of Alaska and other places that have strong indigenous ties. It's a model for indigenous place renaming that is sustainable and meant to last. https://anchorageparkfoundation. org/current-projects/indigenous-placemaking/ Thank you for watching this episode of Culture Stories.

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