Chizh for Cheii -

Chizh for Cheii (Dine' for 'firewood for grandpa') is providing a warm home environment for Dine' elders living on the Navajo Nation. Many elders on Navajo Nation live in remote rural areas with limited resources to acquire their household needs, such as firewood. Fire plays a huge factor in offering warmth, cooking food, and purifying hauled water for many Dine' relatives during the cold seasons that do not have electricity. Chizh For Cheii (CFC) is a grassroots organization founded in 2011 by Dine' Actor/Musician/Activist Loren Anthony. In 2020 Loren and his team cut and delivered 1,700 loads of firewood which is over $500,000 in mutual aid. With his team of dedicated volunteers Loren not only provided firewood , but over 112, 000 food boxes and supplies and home repairs throughout the winter to the elders in our Dine' community. What began as an idea to aid our community, has turned into a movement of love, hope, and inspiration under Loren's leadership.

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