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Wild Game - Lennox Island - Lobster

Rich Francis visits the Mi'kmaq community of Lennox Island, PEI, where he discovers the Cadillac of shellfish, Lobster. He will visit with Gilbert Sark, a local drum keeper, medicine-man and historian of the community, who will teach him about the history and relevance of Lobster to the Mi'kmaq of PEI. He will also learn from Cultural Liaison Jamie Thomas about some very interesting methods of cooking a traditional Lennox Island meal, which sparks inspiration to create a spectacular dish that's likely never been made before. Rich embarks on a day of high- seas lobster fishing with local Fleet Captain Peter and his crew, Drew and Russell, to really understand what goes into getting one of these highly sought after crustations. In the end, Rich brings all of his new learnings to the firepit, and applies his magic, creating a new dish for everyone to enjoy, including the viewers at home.

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