Wild Game - Lennox Island - Oysters

Rich Francis visits the Mi?kmaq community of Lennox Island, PEI, where he discovers the "Pearl of the Malpeque Bay", Oysters! He will visit with Sarah Bernard, a local Cultural Liaison and cook, who will treat Rich to her family's famous Seafood Chowder. He'll also meet with "Captain Jimmy" Bernard, a Lennox Island Elder who has worked with archeologists who have uncovered ancient artifacts near Lennox Island buried by time alongside piles of oyster shells that carbon date to 10,000 years old! Together, they will teach Rich about the history and relevance of Oysters to the Mi'kmaq of PEI. Rich will also tour the Bideford Shellfish Hatchery with manager and Lennox Island's Head of Economic Development Mike Randall to get a glimpse into how the locals keep Malpeque Bay teeming with what is arguably one of the world's most famous oysters, and learn how the oyster industry is helping drive Lennox Island's economic future. And he'll head out on the bay with a local oyster harvester to "tong" a boatload of market-ready oysters, learning what goes into bringing this delicacy from the bay to the plate. With his culinary imagination sparked by the flavours found in the boreal forest of Lennox Island, Rich brings his new learnings to the firepit, inspired to create some new and exciting Oyster dishes for everyone to enjoy, including the viewers at home. Finally, he'll attend the Lennox Island celebrations of National Indigenous Peoples' Day as a special guest, preparing and handing out his unique oyster creations to the community and visitors celebrating together!

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11.3 1/17 6:30 pm