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Wild Game - Kahnawake - Sturgeon

Rich Francis visits the Mohawk community of Kahnawake, Quebec, where he discovers a prehistoric fish that's lived in the St. Lawrence as long as it?s been a river! He will visit with Eric "Dirt" McComber, a local fisherman, hunter and lacrosse coach, who will show Rich how he smokes and candies sturgeon, and will take Rich out on the river to learn the process involved in harvesting the often very large fish. He'll also meet with Brooke Rice, Eric's niece, who studies food security and nutrition at McGill University in Montreal. Together, they will teach Rich about the history and relevance of sturgeon to the Mohawk of the St. Lawrence river regions. With his culinary imagination sparked by the flavours found along the St. Lawrence, Rich brings his new learnings to the firepit, inspired to create some new and exciting sturgeon dishes for everyone to enjoy, including the viewers at home.

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