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Wild Game - Inuvik - Beluga

Rich Francis visits the Inuvialuit community of Inuvik, NWT, where he's eager to learn about the largest wild animal harvested on Turtle Island- the Beluga Whale! He will visit with Jimmy Kalinek, a local guide and hunter, and his uncle Daniel Rogers, who harvests Beluga for the community. He'll also meet Hank Rogers, an Elder who has been harvesting whale for over 60 years! He will join them for a meal of Muktuk, the whale's skin lined with the first layer of the Beluga's fat, and Kilituk, dried whale meat dipped in rendered whale fat, and learn how these staples have kept the Inuvialuit fed and warm for as long as they've been on the Beaufort Delta, and how this important food source has helped shape the culture of the Inuvialuit people. Jimmy and Daniel will take Rich out to the coastal shallows off Kendall Island, to learn the process involved in harvesting the whale, which can be as long as 18 feet. He'll also meet Jimmy and Daniel's family at their Whale Camp, as processing the whale is a job that requires many hands and is often a family endeavour. Together, they will teach Rich about the history and relevance of Beluga to the Inuvialuit of the Beaufort Delta and the process of processing this large food source. With his culinary imagination sparked by the flavours found along the Delta, Rich brings his new learnings to the firepit, inspired to create some new and exciting Beluga dishes for everyone to enjoy, including the viewers at home.

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