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Wild Game - Beaver

Rich Francis visits the Inuvialuit community of Inuvik, NWT, where he's eager to learn one of the more unique food sources harvested on Turtle Island- Canada's national animal- the Beaver! He will visit with Elder Big John Jerome, once an avid trapper and one of the only Elders in town who still prepares Beaver the traditional way. He will also visit with local trapper Doug Esagok, who still traps Beaver for its meat and pelts. He will join them for a meal of Beaver tail, the preferred cut of the Beaver's meat, and learn how this food source has complimented the Inuvialuit's diet throughout their centuries on the Delta. Doug will take Rich out to the estruaries of the MacKenzie River, to learn the process involved in trapping the Beaver, which requires a solid understanding of the animal's habits; and lots of patience. Big John and Doug will teach Rich about the history and relevance of Beaver to the Inuvialuit of the Beaufort Delta and the various ways this animal is harvested and prepared. With his culinary imagination sparked by the flavours found along the Delta, Rich brings his new learnings to the firepit, inspired to create some new and exciting Beaver dishes for everyone to enjoy, including the viewers at home.

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