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Wild Game - Corn

Resume Rich Francis visits the Haudenosaunee community of Six Nations, Ontario, where he's eager to learn one of the most important food sources harvested on Turtle Island- White Corn! He will visit with Terrylynn Brant, a local farmer and seed keeper/seed security advocate, and her daughter Tawnya, also a chef who is pushing the boundaries of indigenous food in Canada, who have been harvesting and eating Corn their whole lives. He will join Tawnya for a preparation of some of her favourite corn dishes and will discuss the history of corn, a favourite among the Haudenosaunee, and learn how this staple food source has kept the Haudenosaunee fed and healthy for as long as they've been here, and how this important food source has helped shape the cultures of the Haudenosaunee people. Terrylynn will take Rich into her garden to learn the process involved in harvesting and processing the Corn, which can be quite a task! Tawnya will take him into the bush to forage and gather the plethora of wild foods that grow this time of year. With his culinary imagination sparked by the flavours found in the garden and in the bush, Rich brings his new learnings to the firepit, inspired to create some new and exciting Corn dishes for everyone to enjoy, including the viewers at home.

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