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This Is Indian Country with Ruth-Ann Thorn - Minnesota 'Land Back'

Ruth-Ann travels to the metropolitan area of Minneapolis-Saint Paul to explore the rich culture of the modern Native American people. She begins her voyage at a Native American center and immediately finds herself in chef Brian Yazzie's kitchen. Here, Ruth-Ann delves deep into the story of how cooking transformed Yazzie's life, while he teaches her a thing or two about culinary delights. Next, Ruth-Ann is introduced to Colin Monette, a blues guitarist who proudly follows his Native American people's tradition of the powwow drum. She listens intently as he relates how he reconnects with his culture. Ruth-Ann has the opportunity to make a stop at Daytons, one of the oldest luxury department stores. From a time when Natives were not welcomed, the Native roots trading post and its curator Robert Pilot have implemented a 'LandBack' initiative to recognize the works of featured modern indigenous artists Misko Chapman, Kent Estey, and Joseph Allen. Join Ruth-Ann on her final stop to Owamni, the popular restaurant owned by three-time James Beard award-winning chef Sean Sherman. Here she discovers the exquisitely crafted dishes, all inspired by the pre colonial Sioux culture.

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11.37/28 4:30 pm