This Is Indian Country with Ruth-Ann Thorn - Minnesota 'Meet The Creators'

Ruth-Ann heads to the lower Sioux Indian reservation art center, where she meets with the passionate Native creators preserving their rich culture through various mediums like digital art, cooking, quiltmaking and pottery. There she discovers the land's fascinating history and why it is known by its fitting moniker, "where they paint the trees red". Returning to the city, Ruth-Ann attends the historic Starlight Fashion Show - a first of its kind opportunity to meet the talented sisterhood of Native female collaborators, such as models, hairdressers, make-up artists and fashion designers Lauren Goodday, Osamuskwasis and Delina White. Ruth-Ann then interviews the remarkable Quanna Rose Chasinghorse, making for an unforgettable night!

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11.3 11/19 4:30 pm