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Work It Out Wombats! - Junjun's Wake-Up Call/Stack 'em Up

JunJun loves ice cream -- ube ice cream, especially -- but he also loves sleep. Sleeping late, sleeping in, staying tucked up in bed for just as longgggg as he can, which is a problem when the Eat 'N Greet holds its first-ever "Ice Cream for Breakfast" day. Can Zadie wake up her sleepyhead best friend before last call? / Can Zeke really clean Super's big, messy closet all by his little self? (There are a TON of boxes of many shapes and sizes.) With Louisa's help, he can once they get their imaginary "house" built, cross a raging river, and discover how triangles, squares, and rectangles fit together nicely.

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11.15/13 9:30 am