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Work It Out Wombats! - A Sleep Story for Ellie/Super's Super Mug

What's a super sleepy Ellie to do, besides stumble around groggily and talk to bushes? The storytellers of her favorite sleepy time radio show are on vacation, so she's having trouble falling asleep! Zadie decides to come up with a soothing story just for Ellie, a story about a dragon who loves pizza; Malik and Zeke volunteer to help provide the relaxing sound effects. Guess what? It works! / When Super's favorite mug smashes into a bunch of pieces, the Wombats decide to fix it so Super won't be too sad. Sticky tape doesn't work, sticky taffy doesn't work, but Mr. E's Ooey Gooey Goo, shells and gold paint - plus a whole lotta love - do the trick!

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11.15/8 9:30 am