Ruth Stone's Vast Library of the Female Mind -

RUTH STONE'S VAST LIBRARY OF THE FEMALE MIND is an award-winning documentary about the poetry and life of Ruth Stone, who forged her art out of loss and inspired countless others to create from her hilltop home in the Green Mountains of Vermont. Using an intimate approach, the film combines archival footage of Ruth at different times of her life, capturing her reciting poetry and talking about her writing process. The film also intertwines lively and heartfelt observations from her family, and people who knew her well.

Recent and Upcoming Airings

11.2 3/3 8:00 pm 11.2 3/4 1:00 am 11.2 3/4 9:00 am 11.2 3/4 3:00 pm 11.3 3/18 5:00 am 11.1 3/22 12:00 am