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Yndi Yoga - Practice for Groundedness (Earth)

Nestled in an infinite field of flowers, "Practice for Groundedness" connects you to the energy of the earth and at the same time provides a treat for your nervous system. Slow it down with long-held postures on the ground while focusing on the breath to release tension and anxiety so you can awaken to the innate power within you to feel grounded. When we are lost or disoriented, we need to get closer to the earth. We need to feel grounded, centered, and relaxed to be able to serve others and, most importantly, ourselves. By stretching the hips, legs, and back in a sequence of floor postures, this practice grounds you so you can feel your spirit soar. You can have a folded blanket and/or block with you if it's available. (A folded blanket and/or block can provide additional support.)

Series Website: https://www.yndiyoga.com

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