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Sesame Street - Sesame Street Super Heroes

Elmo, Abby, and Rosita are playing superheroes! Rosita introduces Super Carga, which means Super Charge in Spanish. Super Carga turns on everyone's superpowers with the catchphrase "a lo maximo" which means "to the maximum" in Spanish. Abby and Elmo want to be Super Carga, but they have a hard time saying the catchphrase. Elmo and Abby suggest Rosita to be Super Carga since she can say the superhero's name and catchphrase. Rosita loves speaking Spanish, but she wants to do other superhero things too. When Mia joins them to play superheroes, Rosita and Mia share that speaking Spanish isn't the only thing that makes them special. Abby mentions that she wants to play Super Carga and Rosita helps her practice pronouncing the catchphrase "a lo maximo." Now, the superheroes are ready to play!

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