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Sesame Street - The Great Corn Festival

Welcome to the Sesame Street Corn Party! Everyone's bringing a special food made from corn that their family makes. Elmo brings corn on the cob with paprika seasoning. It's a special recipe Elmo makes with his dad. Tamir and Charlie both bring cornbread. Tamir's family makes cornbread with zucchini and it's special to his family because they always make enough to share with friends and neighbors. Charlie's family makes cornbread with apples and it's special to her family because Charlie and her dad always make the food together. Rosita brings pineapple tamales. The pineapple tamales are a special recipe Rosita makes with her abuela. Together they learn about how corn is used in many ways and that by sharing foods that are special to them, they are sharing something special about themselves.

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11.15/10 9:00 am