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Sesame Street - Read-And-Share

Elmo, Gabrielle, and Ji-Young are at an Outdoor Library. They decide to look for books about things that make them special and share their books with one another a read and share! Elmo finds a picture about a monster who loves puppies, just like Elmo. Gabrielle finds a chapter book about a girl who looks like her and loves science. Ji-Young was able to find a book about playing the guitar, a famous soccer player, and a comic book but she couldn't find just one book with things that made her special. She gets an idea to write her own comic book with help from her friends. It's called: "The Adventures of Ji-Young, the Electric Soccer Rocker" which is about a Korean-American girl who loves playing soccer and guitar. It's a comic book about some of the things that make her special.

Series Website: http://www.pbs.org/kids/sesame/

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