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Sesame Street - Count On

Grover has a new job as a kitty sitter. He counts the kitties to see how many there are altogether. One, two, there, four four kitties altogether. Another kitty comes by and then another. Grover needs to count from the beginning all over again. The Count shares a counting shortcut counting on! Instead of starting all over, he can count on from where he left off. Grover uses the shortcut and counts seven kitties altogether. The kitties are now hungry so they walk over to Hooper's. At first, he only finds four blue kitty bowls. But Chris mentions he also has three yellow bowls. By using Count's counting shortcut, Grover's able to count seven bowls, one for each kitty. Grover loves this counting shortcut!

Series Website: http://www.pbs.org/kids/sesame/

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