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Her Name Was Grace Kelly -

Considered one of the most beautiful actresses of her time, Grace Kelly remains an icon today. Her life and career are well documented, from her work in Hollywood and her marriage to Prince Rainier, to her tragic death in a car accident in 1982. Through an exclusive agreement with the Principality of Monaco, Grace's life story is told through the Grimaldi family private archives. Starting in 1932 with home movies shot by Grace's father when she was just three years old, we see glimpses of her childhood. And later in life, 8mm, 16mm and super-8 film shot by Grace Kelly and Prince Rainier themselves reveal a mother who is quite different from her official image free and vibrant, surrounded by her children and family. HER NAME WAS GRACE KELLY also includes footage on location in Kenya with Ava Gardner and Clark Gable. After she married and gave up her acting career, Grace never stopped filming herself with her husband Rainier and children Albert, Caroline and Stephanie, as well as her Hollywood friends.

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