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Curious George - Curious George and the Lost Puppy / Gnocchi's Purr-fect Day

Walking home from marching band practice at the firehouse, George and the Man with the Yellow Hat come upon Amy's Pet Supplies which is hosting an Adoption Fair for puppies! When a bunch of new orders comes in, Amy worries she'll need to postpone the Fair. But George eagerly volunteers to help - his friend will do the deliveries and George will watch the 5 cute puppies! All George needs to do is to make sure they don't escape their play pen. Easy peasy! But petting the puppies becomes too tempting and George opens the gate. As he counts the puppies, he realizes he's lost Spot, who snuck out! When George searches for Spot he is thrilled to find 5 kittens - who then also escape! It's frolicking, furry madness! Will George be able to lure the little ones back to where they all belong - and can he devise a way to count each wiggly one only once?! / George likes nothing better than spending a perfect spring day playing with Gnocchi. But on this day, Gnocchi gets a thorn in her paw while chasing butterflies! George brings her to veterinarian, Dr. Aziz, who assures him that Gnocchi will be just fine, as long as she stays off her paw for the rest of the day. Busy at the restaurant, Chef Pisghetti is distraught that he can't take Gnocchi out to see, taste and smell all of her favorite things. So George straps on Gnocchi's cat carrier and the two head out on the town. George is determined to give Gnocchi the perfect day! But every stop they make ends in disaster. They fall into a pile of fish, can't catch fireflies, and George even loses Gnocchi when she crawls out of her carrier to nap in the sun! George is devastated - he's disappointed Gnocchi! But when he brings her home to Chef Pisghetti they discover Gnocchi's secret, special souvenirs in her carrier. Maybe she had that perfect day, after all?

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