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Curious George - Count On George to Deliver/The Baby Elephant

George loves being pulled around in his wagon on a sunny morning. Today especially, when he comes upon Vickie and Vinnie selling Sprouts Bars! How can he decide which delicious bars to buy - Banana Nut Chippers or Oatmeal Delights? One of each, of course! George wants to help his friends and volunteers do the most important job - deliver the boxes that were already sold. George needs to deliver a total of 10 boxes: 2 boxes of Oatmeal Delights to the Renkins, 5 boxes of Banana Chippers to Bill, and 2 boxes of Banana Chippers and 1 box of Oatmeal Delights to the Quints. With his wagon loaded and list at the ready, George completes the job for two happy customers, Mrs. Renkins and Bill. But when George gets to the Quints, he discovers that he's missing a box of Oatmeal Delights! Did he miscount the boxes? Did Jumpy steal them? Will George be able to solve the mystery of the missing box, and salvage his dream of being the best delivery person ever?? / George loves sightseeing, especially when there are animals involved. And today is extra special. George is visiting an elephant sanctuary in Kenya, where the Man with the Yellow Hat worked long ago with two of his oldest friends - Ciku the caretaker and an elephant named Ishanga! Soon, a helicopter lands with a sad orphaned baby elephant, whom they name Toto. Eager to cheer up Toto, George looks after him and learns all about elephants - how they sleep, what they drink, how they have long memories and strong family ties, and even how they play! But when George goes to fetch Toto some cane juice with mint, Toto wanders off and gets stuck in a mud pit! After pushing and pulling Toto with no success, George realizes that this just might be a job for a bigger elephant. Can Ishanga show Toto the way out and become his new family?

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