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Curious George - Monkey Mechanic / Seahorses and Wee Horses

Nothing beats riding in The Man with the Yellow Hat's car with the top down and enjoying the fresh air. Until they hit a pothole and the car rattles and steams! Luckily there's a repair shop up ahead, where George meets Mick Kannick, the car mechanic. There's so much cool stuff in the garage - tools, hoses, and even a lift that raises the car so he can look underneath! George wants to help fix the car, so Mick teaches him how to handle the hoses, loosen and tighten the screws, and most importantly, to look for anything that doesn't look right. Mick even gives him a hat and George is thrilled. He's a real mechanic now! So when Mick steps away, George figures he can help. As Marco drops by with a deflated bike tire and his friend Lorelei brings her broken pedal car, George applies his new auto know-how to fix their problems. But George doesn't realize he's creating new problems - until his friend's car, still up on the auto lift, begins to leak the water that George accidentally filled the whole cab with! / George and The Man with the Yellow Hat love visiting Uncle Tam at his castle in Scotland. The sunsets and shoreline are so beautiful - and the seals are fun to paint! But Uncle Tam tells them that his absolute favorite animal in all of Scotland is the seahorse. These special creatures are very distinct: they're small, move slowly, and have long snouts to snort up food and grabby tails. When Uncle Tam explains that seahorses are hard to find in the sea these days, George embarks on a mission to find them on land. On his adventures, George encounters wonderful animals that have some of these characteristics - including a harvest mouse and a merry-go-round horse - but none have all four. Will George ever find a seahorse for Uncle Tam?

Series Website: http://pbskids.org/curiousgeorge

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