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Curious George - George Bowls A Hole In One / Virtuoso George

Unable to agree on which beach umbrella to get for Aunt Margret, Steve and Betsy want to have a fun contest to determine who gets to decide. Steve campaigns for bowling and Betsy insists on golf, so they ask George to choose. George suggests they create a new game that combines elements of both games - and leads his friends in inventing a quirky, challenging course in Endless Park. George works hard to do as well as his older friends. With a little luck and a lot of duck he just might roll a bowl-in-one! / There's no telling what exciting thing a delivery person might bring. Today, George gets an extra special surprise... a piano! George is so excited and begs for a lesson. The Man with the Yellow Hat teaches George "Mary Had a Little Lamb" by showing him how piano keys make music notes that go up and down and can be repeated to make a song. With practice, George really starts to get the hang of it! Later that day, they find a player piano (a piano that can play itself!) outside of the County Store. As George has a blast pretending to play, the Renkins mistake him for a virtuoso and persuade The Man with the Yellow Hat to host a recital and invite the town. But when George tries to turn his home piano into a player piano, he breaks it completely - just as all of his friends start to arrive. Can George use his new knowledge of the piano's inner workings to improvise and save the show?

Series Website: http://pbskids.org/curiousgeorge

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