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Curious George - George and the Rain / George's Pigeon Predicament

George and The Man With the Yellow Hat rush into Pisghetti's for cover from a rainstorm that has wrecked George's new kite. George is crestfallen. Rain ruins everything! As Gnocchi naps, George sulks - until Professors Pizza and Einstein explain that without rain there would be no water and no Pisghetti Spaghetti! The Professors even show George a lively presentation of how Drippy the raindrop makes its wondrous way to the water glass. A little skeptical and a lot sleepy, George curls up next to Gnocchi - and finds himself in a fantastical dream with Drippy in a raincloud! As George and Drippy fall from the sky and into the river, Captain Gnocchi whisks in on her ship to save the day. But that's just the start of this wild and wacky journey from the sky to the faucet. Will the trio find their way safely back to Pisghetti's sink? And will George finally understand that rain is astounding? / Rollerskating through the park, George hears a strange noise coming from the bushes and discovers a funny- looking little creature he's never seen before! Was this a lizard... or maybe an alien? The Man with the Yellow Hat explains that it's a baby bird, and for expert assistance they call a volunteer at the city's wildcare - Mr. Zoobel! The baby won't eat the bird seed (although Compass loves it!), and with no bird parents in sight, George and Zoobel take it to the wildcare center. Dr. Aziz says the baby is hungry but healthy - and it's a pigeon! George is thrilled! He happily feeds the baby and makes it the most comfy bed. But when George goes to leave, the baby sadly squawks - it must be lonely! How can George make the baby feel less homesick? With Compass' help, George learns that pigeons of a feather indeed flock together.

Series Website: http://pbskids.org/curiousgeorge

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