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Curious George - Sloth / Saved by the Bells

George loves helping Professors Einstein and Pizza test out their new inventions, especially in the Rainforest, where George will get to wear the "Tele-smeller" nose to find a rare orchid! When the tele-smeller picks up a scent, the data travels to the professors' computer to find a match - and The Man with the Yellow Hat's "Sniff-a-long" should tell him whatever George is smelling. But the Rainforest is a cornucopia of rich scents, and the computer can't keep up with George's discoveries! Then George meets a baby sloth, who moves slower than anything or anyone George has seen before. What a fascinating creature! Sloths don't go monkey speed, so George has to go Sloth speed - which just might be George's key to getting the baby back to its mama, and to completing his orchid quest! / Gnocchi gets a special present from Chef Pisghetti - a new ribbon/collar with a bell! Gnocchi loves all of the different ways she can make her new bell ring, and she and George head off to show all of her friends. But while chasing a butterfly, Gnocchi loses the new ribbon and bell - and then George sees Compass flying away with it! George follows Compass to a bell tower and, with the help of an expert, George learns the important role of bells in society, and also how these big and loud bells make all kinds of different sounds! Will George get to ring the biggest bell he's ever seen? And will he be able to reunite Gnocchi with her lost ribbon bell?

Series Website: http://pbskids.org/curiousgeorge

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