Whitney Reynolds Show - Faces of Inspiration

Meet the faces that have INSPIRED MILLIONS! Dr. Lamenta "Sweetie" Conway is the founder of a non-profit organization called I AM ABEL, whose goal is to expand opportunities and exposure to minorities, with a strong emphasis on medicine research. She finds the hidden talents in skills in Chicago's underrepresented communities. We also hear from journalist Gretchen Carlson, who shares her past with her sexual harassment and opens up about the stand she took for herself and others after her. Leading to another inspirational voice, social media influencer Abad Viquez has faced hardships growing up with a rare disease, sacral agenesis. Despite his struggles with his own health and issues with bullying growing up, he now uses his voice to encourage others who doubt themselves. He also has gained attention for his love of basketball, gaining attention from some NBA players online, and has even started his own clothing line.

Series Website: http://www.whitneyreynolds.com/

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