Ict Newscast - New York Designer Represents Indigenous Culture

Hud Oberly grew up in Norman, Oklahoma, but has found a home in New York City. Always staying busy, he spent some time at the Sundance Film Institute's Indigenous Program and serves on the board of the country's largest Native scholarship organization. ICT's Stewart Huntington caught up with him recently just as the designer was preparing to launch a new fashion line, Here's To You. A former policy analyst is using her Indigenous cooking skills on the second season of PBS cooking competition "The Great American Recipe." The show Givens says, is an opportunity to share food ways her people have been using for thousands of years. ICT's Vincent Moniz has more. An MMIP advocate was recently awarded a Bush Foundation fellowship. Agnes Yellow Bear wants families to be at the center of the movement to prevent violence against Indigenous peoples. She sees how healing advocacy work can be when it prioritizes the voices and stories of families seeking justice for their loved ones.

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