Ict Newscast - Tribes Partner for Resource Management

Eleveen tribes in Wisconsin participate in the Wisconsin Tribal Conservation Advisory Council to share knowledge and expertise. The group is finding strength and success in numbers, working to forge more productive relationships with the U.S. Department of Agriculture and other federal agencies. ICT's Stewart Huntington interviewed Executive Director Jeff Mears. Author Nasu'raq Rainey Hopson's new book, "Eagle Drum," is a retelling of how the Inupiaq Messenger Feast came to be. In this profile, Hopson talks to ICT about the history and creation of her debut book. Alaska public safety officials recently released their first report tracking Missing and Murdered Native Alaskans. But it wasn't the first such report in the state. Indigenous leaders compiled their own database a couple of years ago as part of that effort. ICT's Stewart Huntington asked Charlene Apok about the long road that got her state where it is today.

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