Ict Newscast - Bill Richardson Championed Native Issues

The former Governor of New Mexico, Bill Richardson, was no stranger to Native American communities. ICT's Mark Trahant has this report on Richardson's storied career and how tribal leaders are remembering him. He died Friday, Sept. 1 at age 75. One of the promises made by House Speaker Kevin McCarthy was a commitment to regular order. That's the idea that bills, especially ones involving spending, would work their way through committees and get a full hearing in the House. The Senate passed 12 appropriations bills, but the House has yet to act to fund the government before the Sept. 30 deadline. Here to talk more about that is ICT regular contributor Holly Cook Macarro. She is a board member of IndiJ Public Media, ICT's parent company. What happens when a call to the police goes unanswered? That is too often the case for residents of the Crow Creek Sioux Tribe in Fort Thompson, South Dakota. The excuses were numerous and complicated by jurisdiction, resources and clear legal authority. However, after the violent death of a 35-year-old man, the tribe took steps to patrol the reservation. Journalist Amelia Schafer has been covering the story for ICT and the Rapid City Journal.

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