Ict Newscast - Advocacy Across Indian Country

From coast to coast, major weather events are happening more often. As we've seen recently, some can be life threatening, like hurricanes, heat waves, and droughts. All of this means the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) has been very busy. We spoke with FEMA's National Tribal Affairs Advocate, Kelbie Kennedy. She is the direct point of contact between the agency and tribal nations. Alaska public safety officials recently released their first report tracking Missing and Murdered Native Alaskans. But it wasn't the first such report in the state. Indigenous leaders compiled their own database a couple of years ago. Charlene Apok was part of that effort. ICT's Stewart Huntington asked about the long road that got her state where it is today. Leonard Peltier has been in federal prison for nearly 49 years and many groups, including NDN Collective, are pushing the White House for his release. ICT's Mark Trahant talks to organization's President and CEO Nick Tilsen about the latest effort.

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