Ict Newscast - 'this Indian Kid' Grows Up In Oklahoma

"This Indian Kid: A Native American Memoir" is out this week. Author Eddie Chuculate spoke with ICT's Shirley Sneve about growing up in Oklahoma, and many other places. Take a look. Traditionally, the Bannock people's warriors were known for their strength, resilience, and horsemanship. The annual Bannock Warrior Challenge in Fort Hall, Idaho, is keeping those traditions alive. Roselynn Yazzie has the story. Congress is days away from shutting down at least some of the government. Then, across the country, candidates and themes are starting to test their messages for the 2024 election. And if that's not enough, a major rally last week in front of the White House sent a message to President Joe Biden, demanding the release of Leonard Peltier from federal prison. Here to talk about all of that is ICT regular contributor Holly Cook Macarro. She is a board member of IndiJ Public Media, ICT's parent company.

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